J.K.M.I. Schools

The Joe Kayo School of Ministry is based on the book of Luke. Luke was a Physician and the only known gentile who authored the book of Luke and Acts which were addressed to Theophilus, a man of high social standing and his friend (Luke 1:1-4, Acts 1:1-5). He was a close associate and traveler with Paul. Though he was not eye witness of the events, he relied upon the testimony of the witness as the sole source. He gives a clear picture and an accurate account of the life of Christ.

He introduces Jesus as the Son of Man (Luke 1:1-4), ministry of the Son of Man (Luke 4:14 – 9:50), rejection of the Son of Man (Luke 9:51 – 19:27), Crucifixion of the Son of Man (Luke 19:28-24:53) and an account of the resurrection of Christ.


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