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All ministry teaching materials; books, Audio CDs, DVDs and magazines are sold at subsidized price to enable every believer read Dr Kayo’s book. This has been made possible through donations of friends of Dr Kayo and partners. Pastors have found a teaching tool for their bible studies. He has authored over thirty books which are being used for bible study in Europe: UK, France, USA, Kenya and  African countries among. Report from UK is that the books are now being read in Theological Schools as part of degree programs.


  • Because the written word is mightier than the sword.
  • Because the written word speaks the same to all who read it.
  • Because the written word knows no national boundaries.
  • Because the written word is not in a hurry to be heard, it waits for the reader.
  • Because the written word does not recognize social or class difference. it treats all who read it the same.

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Kindly note that Dr. Kayo’s books and magazines are also available at all our meetings; Christian Family Church, 680 Hotel during Bible Study and at our mission venues. If you live within Nairobi, please attend our meetings and plan to purchase some for yourself and for your friends too.